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Will be added

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Already added

  • API endpoints + documentation
  • A page to manage user profile. Changing password etc.
  • Restore password via email.
  • Easy way to enable/disable "sign up" on server version.
  • Share domain (computers, groups and sources) with other account.
  • 2 factor authentication via mail.
  • Self-hosting independent of IIS.
  • Remote Powershell.
  • Backup/restore.
  • Create account when logged in and public sign up is disabled.
  • Be able to change server settings via Deployify website.
  • Auto update server.
  • Implement proxy settings for the computer agent (Deployment client). Deployment client will now respect the OS proxy (only for the Docker installation).
  • To be able to update a repo package, based on another package. This makes it fast to create new versions of a package.
  • Option to delete package from a repo.
  • Date has been added to computer applications.
  • Package parameters
  • Add packages from other groups when creating a new group