Client computers Price
10 free
40 extra € 5
100 extra € 10


The self-hosted server will send nothing to the licensing server except for the server ID, and only if a license is added. We track absolutely nothing in the Deployify server.

How it works - short version


  • Deployify site
  • Deployify API
  • Reverse proxy: Redbird
  • Main storage: Neo4J
  • Secret storage: Vault
  • Powered by Node.js


Database. Accessible via http://localhost:7474.



A vault to store hashed user passwords. Encrypted storage that must be unsealed to be accessible.

Your server is configured to unseal your vault automatically on startup, which is not the way it should be done. It should not be automated, that's the whole point with Vault. You have the option to make it safer by enabling webUnseal in the main config file and move the key file to a safe location.


Deployment client

You are in control of Deployment Client updates. Just put the new version, or old, in this folder:

Windows: {installdir}\api\dpc_packer\pkg
Linux: {installdir}/api/dpc_packer/pkg

All clients will update to that version. We will post updates in the "news"-section on this site for you to decide for yourself if you want to use them in your Deployify.

However, server updates do include the latest version of Deployment Client so that new features work correctly.