Free, and almost free

10 client computers is always free. The price for extra computers in Deployify is just a fraction compared to other similar services.

Client computers Price
10 (included) always free
40 extra € 5/month
100 extra € 10/month

A client computer is a computer that is connected to a Deployify server.

Deployify server doesn't send any input data to the licensing server except for the server ID, and only if a license is added. We track absolutely nothing.

The pricing applies for all types of hosting.

Licensing portal:


Deployify server is lightweight and can handle hundreds of client computers. Deployify hosted by us handles more than 1 200 computers without any problems (latest Docker installation).

We have customers with over 900 computers in our SaaS/VPS service (2 cores, 2 GB memory) that runs Deployify just fine.



  • Deployify site
  • Deployify API
  • Reverse proxy: Redbird
  • Main storage: Neo4J
  • Secret storage: Vault
  • Powered by Node.js