Our goal is to simplify the process of managing software remotely.

Time efficient

  • One click to deploy applications on multiple PCs simultaneously.
  • Automatic updates.
  • Schedules.
  • 8000+ ready applications.
  • Real-time website.

Easy to get started

  1. Sign up (or selfhost, and then sign up).
  2. Download the computer agent (MSI).
  3. Install on the computers you want to control.

You are now ready to deploy software remotely.

Secure & private

Serious security. Strong keys with TTL, SSL/TLS communications, hashed and encrypted passwords locked in Vault, JWT tokens2FA etc. Without tracking.

What is Deployify?

In one line:

Deployify is a software deployment service built to help you manage software remotley.

In more detail:

Deployify is an orchestrate and a wrapper around the open source Windows package manager Chocolatey.

Chocolatey is responsible for software installation, while Deployify is responsible everything else around, like the web interface and schedules, and so on. Deployify also adds multiple layers of security, like authentication, and other feature layers like synchronization.

Deployify is a complete tool with built-in software repositories where you can add and update your software with one click. You are in full control.

But remember, you don't have to know or understand Chocolatey to use Deployify.

Deployify lets you manage your software from anywhere, anytime (even when sleeping), it will provide you with all the information you need, in one place. It's all seamless, in real-time, light weight and fully secured.

How to install an application on a single computer


Package installation

How to install an application on multiple computers

There's two computers in this group.

Group package installation

All you need

Let us explain how it works, or skip all this technical stuff and get started!

Have your own Deployify service in minutes

Have your own Deployify SaaS in minutes for as little as 12 EUR/month . Get started here.


Hi all,

I'm a sysadmin for 15 years. This project is amazing guys. Chocolatey + your custom web portal works as a charm.
Unbelievable, I always search for something like this. And now I've it.

AMAZING. I salute you.


Need Help?

Privacy is number one for us, and we don't collect data. We can't know if you have a problem with Deployify if you don't tell us.

Send an email to get in contact.



Deployify is a complete tool that in an easy and fast way let you deploy applications, with real-time feedback. It's built on top of Chocolatey

Deployify is developed by JAHA IT. We are an IT support company in Sweden that are helping small and midsize businesses to manage, develop and maintain customers IT infrastructure.


We needed a way to manage applications:

  • On multiple computers
  • In different locations
  • For different organizations
  • With one click

A solution for that just didn't exist.

None of them could, in an easy way, manage multiple IT-environments in different physical sites. The alternatives were also too expensive and way too complicated. It often requires a lot of research, and it took too a long time to create packages. Other solutions also slows down the internet connection and was really slow when deploying large applications, if possible at all. They also provided slow feedback and had slow websites.

And that's how Deployify was born in 2016. This was the absolute first tool ever to deploy applications via a website anywhere in the world, without VPN and fully unattended.