Our goal is to simplify the process of managing software remotely.

Time efficient

  • One click to deploy on multiple PCs simultaneously.
  • Automatic updates.
  • Schedules.
  • 8000+ ready applications.
  • Real-time feedback.

Easy to get started

  1. Sign up, or install your own server, and then sign up.
  2. Download the computer agent (MSI).
  3. Install on the computers you want to control.

You are now ready to deploy software remotely.


Serious security. Strong keys with TTL, SSL/TLS communications, hashed and encrypted passwords locked in Vault, JWT tokens2FA etc.


All you need

We have done all the work for you. Gain full control with a nice web portal that only requires a few clicks to create a package, deploy applications and access computer information.

Let us explain how it works.

Or, skip all this technical stuff and get started!

Have your own Deployify VPS

Now you can have your own server without going through any setup. Just pick a domain (that will be a subdomain of deployify.net), choose VPS size, and that's it.

Your new Deployify VPS will be setup and configured automatically with SSL certificate, automatic security updates and ready for extra client computers subscriptions. Price starts at as little as 11, and with 40 extra client computers it will be a total of 16 per month. That's a really good deal for having 100% privacy, control over your own data and a reliable Deployify server without hazzle. Get started here.

VPS in Deployify Licensing Portal

Hi all,

I'm a sysadmin for 15 years. This project is amazing guys. Chocolatey + your custom web portal works as a charm.
Unbelievable, I always search for something like this. And now I've it.

AMAZING. I salute you.


Need Help?

Use the chat, or send an email.


Deployify is a complete tool that in an easy and fast way let you deploy applications, with real-time feedback. It's built on top of Chocolatey

Deployify is developed by JAHA IT. We are an IT support company in Sweden that are helping small and midsize businesses to administer, develop and maintain customers IT infrastructure.


We needed a way to manage applications:

  • On multiple computers.
  • In different locations.
  • For different organizations.
  • With one click.

A solution for that just didn't exist.

None of them could, in an easy way, administer multiple physical sites. The alternatives were also too expensive and way too complicated. It often requires a lot of research, and it took too long time to create packages. Other solutions also choke the internet connection and was really slow when deploying large applications, if possible at all. They also provided slow feedback and had slow websites.