Have you noticed "Wake computer(s)" when you right-click on a computer or a group?

The computer or the computer group is supposed to wake up if they are sleeping when you click on this item, but you may know that WOL require some configuration to work properly.

  • First, at least one computer must to be awake in that domain and local network to be able to wake other computers.
  • WOL require a network connection via cable. WLAN does not work.
  • The power settings for the network connection must be WOL compliant.
  • Then, some BIOS settings needs to be configured.


We use a package to configure this automatically on every computer. You can download our WOL package here. Remember to unzip the file before uploading it to your repo.

The package enable WOL for the network device.

There is no guarantee that this package will work on your computer, but at least give it a try. WOL can be a pain, but this package can be a start to get it to work.