• Run as logged on user

Ever noticed that installing some packages doesn't seem to do anything on the computer? Deployify says that the package is installed, but you can't find the application?

That could be because the installation package is using %appdata% for the current user - like Postman for example, or NugetPackageExplorer. Since Deployify installs packages as the user "deploymentclient", these programs will not be fully installed, or not installed at all for other users than the deploymentclient user.

This can be solved by using a new feature: Run As User Run as logged on user.


This means that the package will be installed as the currently logged-on user.

A user must be logged-on to the computer, as an administrator. If not, Deployfiy will wait with the installation until an administrator-user is logged on. All this will be automatic, and according to the schedule if any. 

The image below shows the new helper process. As you can see, the process is started as the logged-on user, rather than "deploymentclient".