Readme - Deployify server for Windows

Deployify Server for Windows is not updated anymore, and is only for testing. Install Deployify for Ubuntu instead, with one command.

The installation has been tested on Windows 10 Pro and Windows 7 Ultimate.


  • Get a domain.
  • Add these records and point them to your internet IP address:
  • In your router, port forward 80, 81, and 443 to your server IP address.


Before installation:

  1. Make sure to install .net 4.5.1 or later.
  2. Also make sure that IIS is not installed/active, or any other service that are using port 80, 81 or 443.



  1. Unzip the file you downloaded (
  2. Start installer.exe.
  3. Fill the form.
  4. Click install.
  5. If the installation was successful, you should be able to access the website on this address: http://app.{domain}


Update existing installation:

  1. Download server installation as usual.
  2. Unzip the file you downloaded (
  3. Start installer.exe.
  4. Fill "Install directory" with the existing root installation directory.
  5. If the "install directory" is a valid Deployify server root directory, an update button should now be showing. Click to update.