I have been developing Deployify on and off for almost 4 years now, and most of the features added has been suggestions by the users. 

A few new services out there have been added to the market since 2016 that take the same approach as Deployify, to deploy applications via a website. Like Ninite Pro, and Chocolatey Central Management (CCM). What they all have in common is that they are not for free.  

So here is the new approach for Deployify:

  • Make the full version of Deployify server for both Ubuntu (Linux) and Windows (with groups, NuGet server and all).
  • Make the Windows installation simple, and to make it on Win 7/server 2008 and above. No IIS involved.
  • The installation for Ubuntu is already just two lines of commands, so nothing to change here.

When this is done, Deployify server will be released and is going to be completely free if you have less then a number of computers added to your server to manage. I'm thinking something around five computers as a limit.

Above that number of computers, you will have to add a license key to Deployify server to be able to add more computers. You will get the license key in a "license portal", a new website. When the key is added to your server, you will be able to add and remove licenses as you go in the new license portal. Think Office 365 portal to buy licenses and adding them to users, something like that (without the other admin crap).

You don't have to change the key on your server when changing something in the license portal. Deployify server will now be connected to the license server to make this simple. Absolutely no data other then license information will be sent to the license server. No tracking, no bullshit. This is only for you to manage your licenses in a simple way and still be able to host your own server.

I have not decided the price for adding more computers, so please let me know what you think it will be worth to you down below.

But why?

I think that Deployify should be free for home users or very small offices, but for businesses like my own get so much value of this service that I think it is only reasonable. I still don't know any other service that can manage multiple computers in different organizations like Deployify does without VPN and other complicated network solutions. Deployify is perfect for IT support companies and other companies that have many customers to mange applications for.