Full self-hosted server (with built-in NuGet server) for Windows and Linux is now available. You get 10 client computers for free, and a very low price if you want to use more. These 10 licenses are hard coded and cannot be taken away from you.

I motivate 10 free computers with; less is too little for many offices, and the price to add more is about the price that I would pay myself.

Buy "subscriptions" here: https://licensing.deployify.io

There are instructions on how to add you license to your server in the License Portal. It is not very complicated.

Now, if you have any problems with installing your server, not getting things to work or problems with the License Portal, you are welcome to send an email. Contact information is on the start page when you sign in to the License Portal.

If you can, install Deployify on Ubuntu. Ubuntu is free, stable, nice to work with and does not need as much resources.