Improvements and bug fixes.

New server feature: backup and restore


sudo ./backup-linux backup
sudo ./backup-linux restore [backup to restore]
sudo ./backup-linux --help

Windows (cmd or powershell as admin):

backup-win.exe backup
backup-win.exe restore [backup to restore]
backup-win.exe --help


An existing installation of Deployify server must be at place before restoring a backup.

It is also always best to upgrade Deployify server before restoring a backup.

A backup contains configuration files, database dump, repositories, and exported password vault data (still hashed), but not the actual installation.

Windows and linux installations differ some, the Neo4j (database engine) version is not the exact same on these installations. It is not possible to restore a backup that contains a database dump that came from a newer database version (linux version is newer).

TLR; it is not possible to restore a backup from linux on windows if Neo4j is not manually updated on windows. It is possible to restore a backup from windows on linux.