Readme - Ubuntu Server

This is the new version of Deployify Server with full functionality (built-in NuGet server).

This installation script has been tested on Ubuntu Server 18.04.3 LTS. The script will install the Deployify server in the current directory.

Update your Ubuntu server before you install Deployify.


  • Get a domain.
  • Add these records and point them to your internet IP address:
  • In your router, port forward 80, 81, and 443 to your server IP address.



  1. curl -L -o
  2. sudo sh {username} {domain}

Examples for #2:

sudo sh prince

If the installation was successful, you should be able to access the website on this address: http://app.{domain}

After installation:

Setup Production SSL (required):

Make sure that your server is available from internet on port 80, 81, 443. Port 81 is for "Let's encrypt" domain verification.

  1. Edit redbird.js
  2. Change "production: false"  to "production: true" on both occurrences.
  3. Make sure that the email-address that are provided exists, or change it to another valid, also on both occurrences.
    The email address does not have to be related to your Deployify domain.
  4. reboot

Be aware that your server could take a while to startup and get ready.

Setup e-mail:

  1. Edit e-mail settings: {installdir}/server/api/config/mailer.json
  2. Change to your preferences.
  3. Edit settings: {installdir}/server/api/config/main.js
  4. Change "emailEnabled: false" to "emailEnabled: true"


Enable Password Reset:

  1. Edit settings: {installdir}/server/api/config/main.json
  2. Change "resetPasswordEnabled: false" to "resetPasswordEnabled: true"


Enable 2 Factor Authentication:

  1. Edit settings: {installdir}/server/api/config/main.json
  2. Change "twoFactorAuthEnabled: false" to "twoFactorAuthEnabled: true"


Disable Public Sign Up:

  1. Edit settings: {installdir}\api\config\main.js
  2. Change "publicSignupEnabled: true" to "publicSignupEnabled: false"


Enable Web Unseal (manual unseal):

  1. Edit settings: {installdir}/server/api/config/main.json
  2. Change "webUnsealEnabled: false" to "webUnsealEnabled: true"



Site and Redbird proxy (no sudo):

pm2 logs


sudo journalctl | grep mdc-api-linux

Unseal From Website:

The keys.json file will look something like this:
["asd98er0rt908df09ds09sdf", "12390a8sd90re908waasd098", "sad45fdewr897e89ga", "54098etrgfbv09834"]

Take each key (without quotations) and paste them in the form. Every key should be on its own row, so hit enter after each key you paste.

Like this:

Then click "Unseal".

Update existing installation:

  1. curl -L -o
  2. sudo sh {username}