Readme - Ubuntu Server

This installation script has been tested on Ubuntu Server 18.04.3 LTS. The script will install the Deployify server in the current directory.

Update your Ubuntu server before you attempt to install Deployify.


  1. curl -L -o
  2. sudo sh {username} {domain}

Examples for #2:

sudo sh prince

After installation:

Enable SSL:

Make sure that your server is available from internet on port 80, 81, 443. Port 81 is for "Let's encrypt" SSL verifications.

  1. Edit redbird.js
  2. Change "production: false"  to "production: true" on both occurrences.
  3. Make sure that the email-address that are provided exists, or change it to another valid, also on both occurrences.
    The email address does not have to be related to your Deployify domain.
  4. reboot

Be aware that your server could take a while to startup and get ready. Give it a few minutes after reboot is done.

Setup mail:

  1. Edit mail settings: {installdir}/api/mailer/settings_template.js
  2. Change to your preferences.
  3. Save as: settings.js
  4. Edit settings: {installdir}/api/settings.js
  5. Change "emailEnabled: false" to "emailEnabled: true"


Enable Password Reset:

  1. Edit settings: {installdir}/api/settings.js
  2. Change "resetPasswordEnabled: false" to "resetPasswordEnabled: true"


Enable 2 Factor Authentication:

  1. Edit settings: {installdir}/api/settings.js
  2. Change "twoFactorAuthEnabled: false" to "twoFactorAuthEnabled: true"

Enable Web Unseal (manual unseal):

  1. Edit settings: {installdir}/api/settings.js
  2. Change "webUnsealEnabled: false" to "webUnsealEnabled: true"



To see what's up, check site logs with this command (no sudo):
pm2 logs