Readme - Ubuntu Server


This installation method is not updated anymore (2020-08-23) - use the Docker installation instead.
Read more about the migration process.






After installation:


Site and Redbird proxy (no sudo):

pm2 logs


sudo journalctl | grep mdc-api-linux


Backup and restore:



sudo {installDir}/server/backup-linux backup
sudo {installDir}/server/backup-linux backup {output}


sudo {installDir}/server/backup-linux restore {input}


Important security notice:

Deployify is using Vault ( to store hashed passwords. The storage is sealed and needs to be unsealed on every startup. The keys are, for the sake of simplicity, stored on the server to unlock the Vault on server startup.

All 6 keys are stored in {installDir}\keys.json.

To utilize the security of Vault, no key should be stored here. Move the key file to a safe place and enable webUnseal instead.

Unseal From Website:

The keys.json file will look something like this:
["asd98er0rt908df09ds09sdf", "12390a8sd90re908waasd098", "sad45fdewr897e89ga", "54098etrgfbv09834"]

Take each key (without quotations) and paste them in the form. Every key should be on its own row, so hit enter after each key you paste.

Like this:

Update existing installation:

The latest version of Deployify for plain Linux is outdated. Migrate to the Docker version.

  1. curl -L -o
  2. sudo sh {username}