Deployify server is light weight and can handle hundreds of client computers. As of now (2020-08-25), Deployify hosted by us handles more than 1200 computers without any problems (latest Docker installation).

We have customers with over 300 computers in our VPS service (3 cores, 4 GB memory) that runs Deployify just fine.

The computer agent (Deployment client) takes up about 30-40 MB of memory (RAM) on every computer it's installed on.


Free, and almost free

The price for extra computers in Deployify is just a fraction compared to other similar services. It was meant to be completely free, but with the hours put into this project, it just doesn't make sense any more. And our VPS service doesn't make any money, it is just to offer convenience.

Client computers* Price
10 (included) always free
40 extra € 5/month
100 extra € 10/month

*A client computer is computer that is connected to a Deployify server.

Deployify server will send nothing to the licensing server except for the server ID, and only if a license is added. We track absolutely nothing.

The pricing applies for both self-hosted servers and VPS-servers.

Licensing portal:



  • Deployify site
  • Deployify API
  • Reverse proxy: Redbird
  • Main storage: Neo4J
  • Secret storage: Vault
  • Powered by Node.js